O'Neill's Music of Ireland

This directory contains John Chambers' clone of the O'Neill's Project files and web pages. We now have abc transcriptions of three of O'Neill's books:
  • Music of Ireland ("1850")
  • Dance Music of Ireland ("1001")
  • Waifs and Strays of Gaelic Melody
  • Lovers of traditional Irish music will want O'Neill's in book form. A facsimile edition of "1850" is now published by Mel Bay. An edition of "1001" is published by Waltons. I don't know if "Waifs" is in print. Here are some places online to look:
  • The Whistle Shop
  • amazon.com
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Mel Bay
  • If you have additions to this list, or any comments or corrections for any of the tunes here, send me mail.

    It may not be a good idea link to any of the directories below this one. I am contemplating several ways of augmenting this collection, and some of the ideas will require reorganizing the directories. So links below this directory may not work for long.