This directory contains assorted ABC-related documentation. If you have suggestions for more documents that belong here, you might send me mail.
Here is a list of known ABC instructional documents on the Web:

Introductory ABC documents (sorted by size):
An intro for posting to mailing lists.
A basic intro that I wrote.
Another intro that I wrote, in HTML for web browsers.
Frank Nordberg's tutorial "The ABC of ABC".

Large ABC tutorials (sorted by author's last name):
James Allwright's ABC guide.
John Chambers' longwinded tutorial (constantly under construction).
Steve Mansfield's tutorial.
Frank Nordberg's ABCcylopedia is an encyclopedia flavoured ABC reference work.
Erik Ronström's ABC tutorial, as a PDF file.
John Henckel's tutorial, emphasizing writing hymns. He has his own slightly-modified clone of abc2ps.

Other useful ABC documents:
ABC V.1.6 spec
Chris Walshaw's official ABC version 1.6 spec.
Chris Walshaw's abc2mtex user guide.
What we've learned about configuring browsers to handle ABC files.
Steve Mansfield's tutorial on installing abcm2ps on Windows.
And, of course, there's the ABC home page for information on ABC software