JC's ABC Tune Finder
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Press the find button to find the matching entries in JC's ABC index files. Matching is done without regard to case, and a partial title will match all titles that contain that phrase. It might be useful to know that lines in the index file are of the form:

  • TUNETITLE is the "canonicalized" title, capitalized and all non-letters removed.
  • URL is the link to the file that contains the tune.
  • X is the index number from the tune's X: line.
  • Key is the contents of the tune's K: line.
  • Tune Title is the contents of the T: line, converted to HTML.

    You can match on any of these fields. In particular, if you type part of the URL, you can select tunes at specific sites.

    Here are the places where this Tune Finder is installed:

  • trillian.mit.edu
  • jc.tzo.net

    For those not familiar with perl patterns, aka "regular expressions", here is a brief synopsis.

    It's possible to use my conversion routines remotely to convert any ABC file on the Web to PostScript, GIF or MIDI. Here's how.

    You can learn about the ABC music notation at Chris Walshaw's ABC home page. Chris has lots of pointers to other online music collections, and a list of software sources.