# ABC Title Match #
A title match looks for ABC tunes whose T: lines match the pattern. You can type any fragment of the title.

Note that the match is done using the perl language's pattern matching. Here is a simple intro to perl patterns.

In the simplest case, you can just type a title, or the important words from the title. Case is ignored. But this will only match titles with the exact spelling that you type. Musicians can be very sloppy spellers, and if you want to match variant spellings, you should learn a little about how to use perl patterns.

The simplest and most useful pattern element is .* (dot asterisk), which matches any string of characters. So maid.*bar would match any tune with both maid and bar somewhere in the title. So "Maid Behind the Bar", "Maid of Castle Bar", and "Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel" would all match.

Read the simple intro for more patterns.