JC's ABC tune match
Selecting a list of tunes

The Tune Finder now contains a Sel checkbox. If checked, it turns on an experimental new feature: You can select a list of tunes to be returned in any of the output formats.

The list of matched tunes has a column of input boxes on the left (marked 'sel' at the top). If you enter numbers in these and then use the format-selection buttons at the top and bottom (ABC, TXT, ...), you will get back all of the selected tunes. The numbers you enter determine the order of the tunes in the output.

One limitation: To my knowledge, with the GIF and PNG formats, there is no way to see more than one printable "page" of output. So if the tunes produce more than one page (in the PS or PDF output), GIF and PNG will only show the first page. If anyone knows a solution to this, let me know.

You can actually enter just about any text in the sel input boxes. Non-numeric strings will simply be sorted alphabetically, after any numbers. But numbers are probably more useful.

To Do: The output tunes should be renumbered to match the numbers that you typed.