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Hi! I'm a program pretending to be an index.html page. The point of this page is to provide a general entry-point to JC's Tune Finder, show the top-level tools that are kept here, and help other search sites by presenting a list a few keywords that apply to everything here.

A disclaimer for those who came here looking for recordings: There are no recordings of music here. If you don't understand how you can have a music site without recordings, you are probably at the wrong site. Few people other than musicians will find anything interesting here.

Everything here starts with the one program: tunefind looks up ABC tunes in our index of several hundred web sites.

Some more programs that aren't very useful when called directly:

  tuneadd adds an ABC file to the contrib/ directory.
tuneform lets you select formatting options for converting ABC to printable formats.
tuneget extracts an ABC tune from a site's file and converts it to any of several formats.
tunelist lists a directory's contents, expanding ABC files to show the tunes.

Notice: Due to problems with file names on Windows and Mac OSX systems, the names of the programs here are now entirely lower case. If you were using tunefind or tuneget, they are now tunefind and tuneget. They are also called findtune and gettune, but FindTune and GetTune don't exist any more.
There's not yet much online ABC with song lyrics. The best way I've found for locating lyrics is to use one of the big search sites. Google supplies a nice search widget. This does a general search, so include terms like lyrics or song or words to say you want song lyrics.
No google ad.