JC's RSCDS Tune Collection

JC's RSCDS Tune Collection

This directory contains ABC transcriptions of tunes from the RSCDS publications. These have been collected from various sources. Many I've done myself, but I've also gotten them from others.

Note that ABC isn't well-suited for keyboard music, so there has been no attempt to transcribe the piano arrangements of the tunes. The transcriptions here should be considered as "fake-book" versions of the tunes. Most have chords, inferred from the published piano versions and by playing the tunes, most often on an accordion. Some are here in several keys.

Nothing here should be considered authoritative. It hasn't been supported by the RSCDS so far, though there have been discussions. It is just the work of a few SCD musicians who find ABC a useful way to handle this body of music.

If you find typos, or have a transcription that you'd like to contribute, send me email. For contributions, be sure to include a B: line saying which booklet you got it from, and a Z: line identifying yourself as the transcriber.

If you don't have ABC software, you might like to try a tool that I'm working on that returns the tunes in various formats: CLICK HERE. This will return the page you're looking at now, but the ABC files will be expanded to show all the tunes, and each tune will have a line of links to return it in a number of different formats.