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Subject: Discussions of new dances.


RSCDS (Royal Scottish Country Dance Society)
The main international organization for Scottish Country Dance.

Scottish Traditions of Dance Trust
54 Blackfriars Street, Edinburgh EH1 1NE, Scotland, UK
telephone and fax number: 0131-558-8737

Edinburgh Shetland Fiddlers Society
A small but dedicated crowd, who meet in Edinburgh Scotland on the first and third Sunday evenings of every month, to play Celtic music, with a very heavy emphasis on the music of the Shetland Islands. Visitors are very welcome to join in, to add their own contribution or simply to listen.


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Scottish Country Dance groups

Cape Breton Links



  • Jim Walker's list of SCD events in Scotland
  • Sandy Mathers' guide to folk sessions in Scotland
  • Info aboutABCmusic notation
  • John Chambers' abc Scottish Country Dance collection
  • celtic.stanford.edu has a large collection of Celtic music of all sorts.
  • Nigel Gatherer's tunes and lists of sources.
  • Toby A. Rider's music collection
  • Craig Cockburn's song collection
  • Barry Taylor's tunes in midi format

    Dance Descriptions

    Ardbrae dances
    Badger's Sett Ian Brockbank
    Dances by Martin Mulligan
    Dances by Mel Briscoe and friends
    The Culver City Collection
    Dances created in Erlangen
    Collecta Ursis - the Berne dances
    Scotish Country Dancig - Sue Petyt
    Dances by Martin Sheffield
    Dances by Susan McKinnell
    Dances in the San Francicso online bookstore
    Merry Dancers Scottish Dance Leaflets
    Sam's Dances
    Sybille Föhrenbach's and Rudi Spägele's site
    large list of individual dances published in collections on the server

    Musical instruments