This Scottish Country Dances in this directory have been transcribed to abc using the following rules:
Files for a medley
Each medley has a header file in the hdr/ subdirectory, maybe a format file in the fmt/ subdirectory, plus one or more tune files in subdirectories. The Makefile entry for "Medley Title" will typically create, and MedleyTitle.pdf and "make clean" will delete the .ps and .pdf files, leaving just the .abc file.
Makefile entries
The Makefile has an "all" entry that lists the medleys that can be made here. Each medley has a set of rules that collect the files for the tune, build, and run abc2ps to produce the PostScript file.
Header files
For the medley "Medley Title", there is a hdr/MedleyTitle.hdr file, which typically looks like:
		   X: 0
		   T: Medley Title
		   T: 8x32J3
		   O: RSCDS 15-4
		   K: C
Format files
There may be a fmt/MedleyTitle.fmt file giving abc2ps formatting instructions. These are mostly copies of a generic header file, with a few edits to make it fit on the page better. Typically the edits adjust things like vertical spacing between staffs and/or tunes.
Tune files
The tunes are in subdirectories named for the rhythm: jig, march, reel, strathspey, and occasionally air, shottish or waltz. Each tune is in its own file.
Tune formats
The X file contains a prototype for the abc headers. Tunes should usually be typed with no more than 5 or 6 measures per line, so they can be printed in a fairly large font. Strathspeys are almost always 4 measures per line.
Any composers should be listed in C: lines. The source book should be in B: lines in the tune files, and in an O: line in the header file. The transcriber's name should be given in a Z: line in each tune file, including an email address or URL if possible. Normally, only the C: and/or O: headers will be shown, at the upper right of the first staff.
Footer files.
The ftr/ subdirectory contains a few footer files that are used as the last file in a medley. Typically they just produce a line giving the origin of the medley. If no footer is present, I probably made up the medley, sometimes with the help of a few friends in a practice session. If I use someone else's medley, I try to remember to give them credit.