CFO tune set for the NEFFA dance at 10:15 Friday, April 21, 2023.

This set is a bit too large, but out shortage of practice time has encouraged this. We can probably play all of them without a rehearsal, and we can decide which to play at the dance.

The first tune is a large PDF file with all the tunes in (semi-)alphabetical order. The name used is either the dance name or the tune name (or both;-), whichever we've been using. Most of the pages contain a single tune, but it's usually in 2 keys, for C and Bb instruments.

The 2nd and 3rd file are single-page lists of the tune/dance names, in html and plain-text format. The rest of the files are single-page file, in ABC and PDF formats. This is so that anyone who wants a copy in their own collection can just grab one.

We should probably start with Ċ etnja, as usual, and end with a random waltz and lesnoto.