JC's French Country Dance Tune Collection

This is John Chambers' collection of French Country Dance music.

Some of the tunes I've transcribed myself from various sources. Others have been collected from around the Internet, or from mailing lists. There is a fair amount of duplication here, and in my spare time I'm trying to find the duplicates and reduce them to a single file, preferably formatted in a more readable form than I found them. But this may take a while.

There are a large number of tunes here without any real title, just a rhythm/dance name. I've added a number after the name in the T: line and also in the file name, to distinguish them. Such numbers are simply the order that I added them to this collection. Other people do something similar, and they'll almost always have different numbers for a specific tune. This is annoying, but nobody seems to have found a better way of dealing with the problem.

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